R&D Taxation

Comprehensive advisory services on all tax issues, addressed to start-ups related or unrelated to spin-offs, researchers, investors and investment funds.

Our deep knowledge of the tax regulations in the area of innovation and technology allows us to provide advisory services on all the tax issued related to the tax vehicles detailed below to start-ups, related or unrelated to spin-offs, researchers, investors and investment funds:

Venture Capital

We analyze the tax impact of capital inflow in start-ups and after that we plan the most beneficial option for both investors and business companies.

Patent box

We determine the existence of tax incentives arising from the assignment of intangible assets and provide help to manage its use.

Tax allowances and reliefs

We analyze the tax allowances and reliefs that companies can benefit from when carrying out R&D&i projects.


Apart from analyzing the tax effects of the departure of investors from start-ups, we provide advice on the most suitable alternative.

Technology transfer and transfer pricing

We provide advice on the best option available for the transfer of knowledge and technology among entities that have some kind of ownership or management nexus.

Alternative funding: Crowfunding

We explore funding alternatives that render benefits to business companies and investors from the tax burden point of view.

Rendering of legal advocacy services, in particular as counsel for the defense, in tax proceedings.

We provide advice and render defense services to investors and business companies in tax inspection procedures conducted by the Tax Administration resulting from R&D&i-related transactions.

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