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Pursuant to the provisions of Article 10 of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services Act (“LSICC”) 34/2002, of 11th July, below you will find the identifying details of the company that holds the ownership of this Web Page:

MADON LEGAL, SL (“INNOTAX”), holder of Tax Identification Number B-20799235, having its domicile at Donostia/San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa), Camino de Zubiberri 31, 2ªplanta, local 5. This company is registered at the Gipuzkoa Mercantile Registry, Volume 2,011, Folio 201, Sheet No. SS-21.938.

You can contact us at the above mentioned address, or by sending us an e-mail to the following e-mail address: innotax@innotax.es

Access to this page is free, at no charge, and indefinite, no previous subscription being required, and its use is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use, Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy described hereinbelow.


The terms and conditions detailed below regulate both access to and use of the web page www.innotax.es (hereinafter referred to as “Page” o “Web Page”), and INNOTAX is the holder of its ownership rights.

The following terms and conditions of use are expressly and fully accepted by Page visitors, just from the moment they access it, or when they visualize content or use the services contained in the Web Page.


The expression Web Page includes, but is not limited to, all texts, graphs, images, animations, musical creations, videos, sounds, drawings, photographs, …, included therein and, in general, all creations expressed by any means or support, whether tangible or intangible, currently known or that may be invented in the future, irrespective of whether they are likely or not to be characterized as intellectual property pursuant to the legislation in force.

By accessing the Web Page, the user will be entitled to enjoy the use of different contents and services that will be offered either by INNOTAX or, where appropriate, by third parties referred to in the Web Page.

INNOTAX may unilaterally and without any prior notice modify the rendering, configuration, content and services of the Page, as well as the terms and conditions of its use and access to the services rendered, without prejudice to the provisions of the special conditions governing the use of a specific service and / or content addressed to INNOTAX clients and / or users of the Web Page.

Access to the Web Page can be made by means of any of the following web browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox o Safari.


Web Page visitors should be aware that access to and use of the services and content of the Page shall be at their sole and exclusive responsibility, and from the very moment they access the Web Page they shall acquire the user status.

Access to the Page implies that users shall acquire both rights and obligations, in order to guarantee the adequate enjoyment of both the services and content included therein, without prejudice to the special conditions governing a specific service or content accessible though the Web Page.

Users shall use the services and contents included in the Page only for private purposes and / or due to their status as INNOTAX clients, and any modality of use of it for profit or that results in any kind of direct or indirect benefit shall be excluded.

Should these general conditions be replaced by others either in whole or partially, then the new general conditions shall be deemed to have been accepted in exactly the same way as the one specified herein.

Should user not accept these general conditions or, where applicable, the special conditions that regulate the use of a specific service and / or content, then user shall abstain from accessing the Web Page.


User rights and obligations:

User shall be entitled to:

· Access at no cost to him / her / it, no prior authorization being required therefor, to the content and services included in the Page, available as such, without prejudice to the technical special conditions or the obligation to being previously registered, concerning the specific services and content addressed to INNOTAX clients as provided for in these general conditions or in the special conditions of said services.

· Use the services and content available exclusively for private use, without prejudice to the provisions of the special conditions that regulate the use of a specific service and / or content addressed to INNOTAX clients.

· User shall be entitled to download a single copy of the Web Page in order to visualize it off-line for personal purposes but not for commercial purposes.

Make comments on posts in order to enrich the content and make inquiries, provided they are related to the subject and do not include defamation, grievances, insults, personal attacks or general disrespect towards the author, INNOTAX or other natural or legal persons. The administrators of the web, will supervise that the comments fulfill the present requirements before their publication or after. Comments that contain information that is misleading or false will not be accepted, as well as comments that violate the data protection policy or any other legal provision.

Users shall in no case be entitled to:

· Access or use the services and / or content of the Page for illicit purposes, purposes that may infringe rights or liberties, or that may be detrimental to, damage or in any way prevent access to them, either to the prejudice of INNOTAX or of third parties.

· Use the services, either wholly or partially, in order to promote, sell, contract, disseminate advertising or disclose information about themselves or about other persons without the prior authorization of INNOTAX.

· Take any kind of action whatsoever that prevents or hinders access to the Page by other users, as well as of the hyperlinks to the services and content offered by INNOTAX or by third parties through the Web Page.

· Use the Web Page, its content or the services contained therein, as a gateway to the Internet in order to commit illicit acts or acts that violate the existing law, or are against morals, accepted principles of morality and public order.

· Use any kind of computer virus, code, software or computer program that may cause damage or non-authorized alterations of content, programs or systems accessible through the services and contents included in the Page or in the information systems, files and computer equipments of users.

· Include in web sites they are accountable for or that they own meta tags relating to brands, trade names or distinctive signs owned by INNOTAX, without the prior express written authorization of INNOTAX.

· To reproduce the Web Page, either wholly or partially, in other web site or portal, not being allowed to make frames to the Web Page or the web pages accessible through it that hide or modify contents, advertising spaces and brands of INNOTAX or of third parties, regardless of whether they are deemed to be unfair competition actions or confusing acts, without the prior express written authorization by INNOTAX.

· To include in a portal or web site a link that generates a window or session where brands, trade names or distinctive signs owned by INNOTAX are included or used, and through which the Web Page or any of the pages accessible through it are shown, without the prior express written authorization of INNOTAX.

· To take any kind of action whatsoever that gives rise to the reproduction, distribution, copy, rental, public communication, transformation or any other similar action that results in the modification or alteration of either the whole or part of the content and services in the Page, or the turning to commercial advantage thereof, without the prior written authorization of INNOTAX, or of a third party owner of intellectual and industrial property rights of the services or content in the Page.

INNOTAX rights and obligations

INNOTAX reserves the following rights:

· To modify, eliminate or update the whole or part of the content offered through the Page, as well as the terms and conditions for access to the Page, whether technical or not, unilaterally and without prior notice to users.

· To set the specific conditions for the use of certain specified content and services, that users shall know and accept prior to their using them in compliance with the terms provided for in said Specific Conditions.

· To limit, exclude or make access by users conditional on the existence of all guarantees for the correct use of the Page in compliance with the obligations and prohibitions assumed by them.

· To terminate the rendering of a service or supply of a content, there being no entitlement whatsoever to any kind of compensation, where INNOTAX considers it necessary.


User is aware and voluntary and expressly accepts that access and use of the Web Page will always take place under his / her / its sole and exclusive responsibility.

INNOTAX cannot guarantee the correct and licit use of the Web Page by users, and it reserves in all cases, the right to take any kind of legal steps or start any kind of proceeding provided by law in order to defend its rights.

Besides, INNOTAX shall be discharged from any kind of liability for damages that might arise as a result of the following, among others:

· Impossibility or difficulties to connect to the communication network through which the Page is accessible, regardless of the kind of connection utilized by user.

· Interruption, suspension or cancellation of access to the Page, or of the services and / or content thereof, as well as the availability, conditions or continuity of the functioning of the Web Page where those are due to any cause beyond INNOTAX control, whether directly or indirectly caused by it.

· Information, content, products and services rendered, communicated, broadcasted, exhibited or offered by third parties unrelated to INNOTAX through a web site that is accessible by means of a link in the Web Page.

· Quality and speed of access to the Page and also of the technical conditions that user shall meet in order to be able to access it, as well as to its services and / or content.

· Delays or failures happening during the access and / or provision of the services and / or content of the Page due to force majeure, which for the purposes hereof shall be understood to be any cause that has not been possible to foresee, of that even though where they had been foreseen were unavoidable, and which result in the failure to meet any of its obligations, including strikes of its own employees or of non-company employees.


All the content of the Web Page is just for informational purposes and INNOTAX shall, in no case, be held to be liable for the accuracy, relevance and / or updatedness of the Web Page content.

The information and content published in the Web Page shall, in no case, be deemed to be have the status of rendering of legal or tax advisory services of any kind whatsoever and consequently INNOTAX shall not be held to be liable for the decisions that a user takes on the basis of the information published in the Web Page.

In addition, neither the Wage Page content nor the links created between the user and INNOTAX through the relevant contact forms are, nor shall they be construed to amount to the existence of any professional or contractual relationship whatsoever between INNOTAX and the Web Page user.

Know all men by these presents that user shall not act on the basis of the information published on the Page, without previously seeking the relevant professional advice.


INNOTAX is the holder of all the ownership rights over the software of the digital publication, copyright and economic rights over the Web Page, as well as all over the intellectual and industrial property rights relating to the content and services included in the Web Page, and all of these are protected by the existing law on industrial and intellectual property.

The rights referred to in the previous paragraph include those brands, trade names or distinctive signs that are included in the Web Page and which are owned by INNOTAX and that are also protected by the existing industrial property laws.

The provision of the services and the publication of the content through the Web Page shall in no case be construed to be an assignment, waiver or transfer, either wholly or partially, of the ownership of the relevant intellectual and industrial property rights.

No material published on the Web Page may be reproduced, distributed, disclosed, copied, disclosed to the public, transformed, either wholly or partially by means of any manual, electronic or mechanic system or method (including photocopying, recording or any other information retrieval and storing system) by using any kind of carrier currently known or that may be invented in the future, without the prior express consent of INNOTAX. Consequently, the use, regardless of its form, of the whole or of part of the content of the Web Page is subject to the need to previously apply for and then be granted the previous authorization of INNOTAX.

Users shall, under no circumstance whatsoever, use or utilize the services and contents in the page for any purpose that is not exclusively personal, notwithstanding the exceptions provided for in the general conditions or in the special conditions that INNOTAX sets in order to regulate the use of a specific service and / or content.

Should the direct actions or omissions of the Page user give rise to the infringement of INNOTAX intellectual and industrial property rights (irrespective of whether the user obtains a benefit therefrom), and these result in any kind of damage whatsoever for the Company, INNOTAX shall be entitled to start any kind of legal action that it may deem fit in order to seek a remedy for the damage caused, regardless of the nature thereof, including all the amounts for penalties or convictions, together with the relevant costs and expenses.


The Conditions herein contained shall be governed by Spanish law.

Should there be any kind of dispute or controversy relating to the enforcement or construction thereof, it shall be referred to the courts and tribunals of the city of Donostia/San Sebastián, and users shall expressly waive any other jurisdiction they might be entitled to.


In compliance with the provisions of the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Spanish Act, 34/2002, of 11 July, this Web Page provides you information, in this section, about cookies collection and treatment policy.

This cookies policy shall be applicable to all users that voluntarily access the Web Page www.innotax.es.

A. What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are saved to the user’s computer hard drive from the Web Page, and they allow INNOTAX to know and to store information on the browsing habits of those users that access the Web Page, in order to improve the services offered.

B. What types of cookies are used by this Web Page?

The Web Page www.innotax.es uses the following types of cookies:

·Analytical cookies: These are cookies by means of which INNOTAX may quantify the number of users that visit the Web Page and then generate statistics about the use that users make of the service offered.

·Technical cookies: These cookies make easier for the user to browse through the restricted area and also to use and to set up its different functionalities.

C. Disabling of cookies

Users may block or delete those cookies installed in their equipment by setting the options of the browser installed in their computer. After that, they can access the setting of the most frequent web browsers in order to accept, install or disable cookies:

·Setting up of cookies in Google Chrome.

·Setting up of cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

·Setting up of cookies in Mozilla Firefox.

·Setting up of cookies in Safari [Apple].

D. Third party cookies

Our Web Page uses third party services to collect information for statistical purposes and also information relating to the use of the Web. In particular, INNOTAX makes use of the services of Google Analytics to generate different types of statistics on the operation and behavior of the Page users.

Besides, the Web Page includes other functionalities provided by third parties. In particular, the Web Page allows to share content in social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter o Google +, by making use of the buttons included therefor.

E. Notice on how to eliminate cookies.

INNOTAX cautions you that the blocking or elimination of the use of cookies of this Page may affect its operation or quality.

Should you have any kind of doubt whatsoever about our cookies policy, you may contact this Web Page by using our Contact Channels.

F. Cookies policy updating

Our cookies policy may be updated to comply with legislative changes or in order to tailor said policy to the instructions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency, and also in the case of changes regarding the agreements entered into with third parties that use cookies through this Web Page.



Pursuant to the provisions of the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, on Personal Data Protection (“PDPA”, for short), and Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21st December, which passes the Regulations to develop it, and other existing regulations, INNOTAX hereby informs that all data and information provided by e-mail or by means of the forms included in this Web Page, will be incorporated to an personal data automated file, created and maintained under INNOTAX responsibility.

Without prejudice to the aims specified in each case, INNOTAX shall keep and manage said information, treating it as confidential, and it shall implement the relevant computer security measures provided for by the relevant law in order to prevent the wrongful access or use of its data, their manipulation, deterioration or loss.


All data furnished through any of the means offered in this Web Page to contact INNOTAX, shall be treated by INNOTAX in order to handle and reply to those applications or requests made by users.

Besides, the data sent may be included in INNOTAX contact list, in order to make future trade relationships easier or to manage the existing trade relationships. In addition to this, INNOTAX hereby informs that, where so authorized, any data supplied will be used to send commercial information on the products and services concerning any activity carried out by INNOTAX that might be of interest.

In case you do not wish your personal data to be treated, you are kindly asked not to disclose said data to INNOTAX. In the particular case of data relating to minors, you are cautioned about the need to have the consent of a minor’s parents, guardian or legal representatives in order to disclose his / her personal data.


User is entitled to, at any time, freely and voluntarily exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation as well as the right to object, provided by law, before the person that is accountable for the file, MADON LEGAL, SL, ("INNOTAX") either by personally appearing at its registered office located at Donostia/San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa), Camino de Zubiberri 31, 2ªplanta, local 5 or by means of a written communication sent electronically to the following e-mail address: innotax@innotax.es.

In this regard, user shall both specify the right he / she / it wishes to exercise and produce a copy of all the identifying documents required therefor in order to be able to exercise the relevant right of access, cancellation or right to object.

Besides, in order for us to be able to keep your data updated, you are kindly requested to send to the above mentioned address all information about any kind of variation whatsoever in connection thereto, and also to give us notice about the cessation of activity of the entity or company concerned so that we may proceed to their cancellation and / or historical processing.

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