What do we offer you?

INNOTAX is a firm engaged in finding the best solutions to fund Research, Development and Innovation projects (i.e. R&D&i projects).

Our work consists in helping our clients to:

  • Identify all those activities qualifying as R&D&i.
  • Analyze the most appropriate vehicle for R&D&i investment.
  • To provide advice on the use tax credits.
  • Develop and maintain contractual relationships among researchers and investors.
  • Make use of the most advantageous tax planning regarding their transactions.

What inspires us?

We are firmly convinced that there are people who have ideas that can change the world.

However, many of those ideas are not really known,
their actual potential is overlooked and the adequate resources to implement them are not found.

What is our mission?

In INNOTAX we do not want innovative ideas to wither away. Our mission is to promote collaboration among the organizations that hatch those ideas and investors that are looking for interesting projects to be funded.

Why do we do it? These are some of the reasons:

  • Collaboration creates worth around and makes social welfare grow.
  • Innovative ideas transform the environment, people and society. Summing up, it makes us better.
  • There are people who do research and people who look for opportunities. They should know each other.

Who are we?

Mr. Eneko Rufino

Managing Partner

Mr. Rufino has a BJuris and a Master Degree in Tax Advice for Professionals (“Máster en Asesoría Fiscal para Profesionales”) from the Instituto de Empresa, which awarded him an honorable mention No. 1, and in addition he was selected as a finalist of the XI Special Award for Young Legal Practitioners (“Finalista Premio Especial Jóvenes Juristas 2011”), run by Garrigues and the University of Navarre.

Mr. Rufino has more than a decade of experience at the front office providing tax advisory services with a high added value, at both international and national and regional (“foral”) level.

In addition to the above, Mr. Rufino has acquired a wide experience in the provision of advice on tax credit transfer schemes as a funding alternative in the audiovisual sector.

During these last years, both his professional practice and expertise have been focused on the funding of R&D&I projects by means of tax credit transfer structures, and he has had a really active role in most of the transactions carried out in Spain during this period of time but apart from this he has been a regular conference speaker on these issues in different forums of proven reputation.

Ms. Amaia Legorburu

Chief Marketing Officer

Ms. Legorburu has a BJuris, Minor in Economics, from Deusto University and a large professional career in the provision of tax advice built up by working at CIALT and her deep knowledge of the Basque business sector is well worth mentioning. She is really passionate about new trends and innovative ideas applicable to business management.

Ms. Legorburu has quickly evolved and adapted to these modern times, and she is a zealous supporter of the need to join talent, and in line with this line of thought she devotes her best effort efforts to create collaboration lines among different innovation agents.

Do you need any further information?

Tell us about your ideas and projects, and we will help you make them real.

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