New Projects, new ideas

Innotax is a firm engaged in finding the best solutions to fund Research, Development and Innovation projects (i.e. R&D&i projects)

We identify

All those activities that qualify as R&D&i.

We analyze

The most appropriate vehicle for R&D&i investment.

Tax credits

We provide counselling services on the use of tax credits.

Contractual relationships

We provide counselling services on contractual relationships between researchers and investors.

R&D&i taxation

We provide counselling services on the most advantageous tax planning for transactions.


Strategies to acquire and channel resources to fund innovative projects.

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What inspires us?

We are firmly convinced that there are people who have ideas that can change the world. Many of those ideas are not really known, their actual potential is overlooked and the adequate resources to implement them are not found.

In Innotax we do not want innovative ideas to wither away. Our mission is to promote collaboration among the organizations that hatch those ideas and investors that are looking for interesting projects to be funded.

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