R&D&impulse! is a new strategy aimed at obtaining and channeling resources to fund innovative projects.

  • Who is it addressed to?

    Who can benefit from this new form of investment?

    R&D&impulse! is a highly interesting instrument for:
    • Entities that need funds in order to carry out their R&D&i projects and that cannot avail themselves of the tax incentives associated with their activity.
    • Natural and artificial persons that carry out an economic activity and are interested in promoting and investing in innovative projects.
  • How does it work?

    How does R&D&impulse! work?

    The working of R&D&impulse! is based on the transfer of tax credits between the researcher and the investor.

  • What are its benefits?

    What specific benefits does R&D&impulse! render to investors and researchers?

    Benefits for investors
    • To achieve a mínimum rate of return of 10% on the investment made.
    • To channel taxes to fund innovative rojects having a high component of corporate social responsibility (CSR) thus increasing their brand value.
    Benefits for researchers
    • To raise non-refundable funds to carry out R&D&i projects.
    • A greater social impact.
  • Methodology
    First step:
    To provide advice
    Provision of high added value tax advice

    We put into use our wide experience and knowledge in the area of taxation related to R&D&i in order to provide advice to our clients on the relevant aspects of the funding transaction.

    Second step:
    To act as intermediaries
    Comprehensive approach among parties

    The design and implementation of the operation are always carried out bearing in mind the interests of both the researcher and the investor. Our primary concern is that both draw the maximum benefit.

    Third step:
    To protect
    Legal certainty

    One of the main objectives of our work is that the funding transaction takes place within the most suitable and safe legal framework.

    Fourth step:
    To promote
    By creating networking scenarios by means of our own contacts

    We keep in constant contact with institutions that are carrying out innovative projects and that place trust on us to help them find investors willing to be involved in the future of those projects.

“The figures that define us”


Projects funded in 2017

more than 5M

Co-funded projects


Tax investment attracted

Funded sectors







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